• Empowering intellectual property transactions

    Trading intellectual property rights has never been easier! Employ the power of IntellectProject to evaluate, validate, deposit, sell, purchase and license trademarks, patents, know-how in all areas of human activity

  • Utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology

    All transactions of property rights and currency units inside IntellectProject are recorded in blockchain-protected public ledgers to promote maximum protection and provide total transparency.

  • Wide network of experts

    Whether you need to obtain a valuation for your invention or apply for official registration according to the legislation of your country or international treaties, we have an expert ready to help you immediately.

  • Not ready to sell your invention yet?

    Benefit from your invention without losing any ownership and control privileges - when you commit your idea to Intellect.Fund, you remain the only one to make decisions about its designation and utilization during the retention period.

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We are the first global public intellectual property marketplace

Intellect.Market is the first public global marketplace for intellectual property rights, that combines the power of the cutting-edge technologies to provide unmatched flexibility and reliability to the community of inventors, intellectual property owners, investors

Blockchain-based ledgers

All our trades are public and confirmed by blockchain-based ledgers that are maintained by independent providers

Cryptographic currency transactions

Assets are priced and transactions are executed in Intellect Currecy Units (ICU) – global asset-based crypto currency

Crowdsourced valuation, verification and validation

The unrivaled network of independent professionals are verifying and evaluating every single asset offered for trade

Accepting published and non-disclosed property

Intellect.Market operates with both publicly disclosed legally protected assets, and non-disclosed privately held intellectual property rights

Escrow protection with third-party confirmation

We are dedicated to protecting the rights of all participants and therefore we support both basic and multi-level escrow transactions

Dual-side initiation and AI-powered deal matching

Both buyers and sellers can initiate transaction in Intellect.Market. And we use custom machine learning algorithms to effectively match them

We are committed to have the lowest commissions among our peers. More information is available to the registered users.

Selling and buying intellectual property has never been easier!

Enjoy the simplicity of Intellect.Market and make your first transaction within minutes after your registration.

Comprehensive set of tools for the Intellectual Property Market

Meet the other parts of IntellectProject that comprise a comprehensive set of instruments to cover most activities of Intellectual Property market participants:

Not ready to sell your invention or know-how yet?

Deposit it with Intellect.Fund and get it's estimated value at your disposal!
You can claim it back at any point in time during the retention period.

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